March, 2010


Well Hello Mr. Coyote

Holy smokes it is gorgeous up here.  It doesn’t matter how much time I spend in Glacier – I continue to be amazed by the beauty of this place.

I got up really early and headed back to the pond that I visited last night.  My hope was to capture some early morning shots of the geese on the water but when I arrived, the pond was frozen over.  So much for those open water shots. 😉

Spring is definitely arriving in Glacier.  I wasn’t able to shoot the geese but there was no shortage of other things to capture.

The buds on the willows in this area are starting to open and that makes for some really interesting shots.  I was experimenting with some slow pans of the willows when I heard a yelping sound behind my back.  I immediately recognized the sound as that of a coyote.  He blended well with the snow and aspen trees that cover this area so at first I didn’t see him.  Finally I caught a bit of movement near the shore and confirmed that it was indeed a lone coyote on the move.

I had been shooting with the wide angle lens so I quickly switched to the 400mm and fortunately was able to get some interesting shots.  The coyote was far enough away that there was a slight separation of sight and sound – I could see his head move before the sound of his yelping reached my ears.  Off in the distance I could hear a response from another coyote and he soon moved in that direction.

I’ll try to get the footage processed this afternoon and if possible I’ll send Matt some frame grabs of the willows and coyote.


Back to Glacier

I headed back up to Glacier this afternoon.  My drive back was uneventful… perfect!

The roads were bare and dry – hard to believe it was the same route I took a few short days ago.

There is an interesting pond close to the cabin here in East Glacier.  It wasn’t dark yet when I got back so I stopped by the pond.  Much to my surprise there were at least six pair of geese and other birds in the area.

I’ll get the gear together and come back first thing in the morning to see if I can get some interesting shots to share.


Squirrel Video

Squirrel in Glacier Park from Tempest HD on Vimeo.


Time with the Family

We had a great day.

I was able to catch up on some paperwork and we had a terrific lunch at Bert & Ernies restaurant.

Bob has been working on the Blu-ray cover design and it is looking very nice.  We hope to get that finalized soon.  Once we do that we will post a copy on the site.

I am heading off to spend a few days with Serene and the kids.  I’m really looking forward to spending time with them!

Once I’m back in Glacier I will post again.


Wallpaper – Mountain Goats

Mountain goats at Goat Lick. Taken on March 17, 2010. Shot in 4k with the RED.

Download all resolutions on the Glacier Wallpaper page.


Montana Winter Driving

It was supposed to be a routine trip back to Helena but it turned out to be a “white knuckler” all the way.

We decided to have lunch with the Tempest team on Friday to go over the current status of the Glacier Blu-ray project.  I planned to leave East Glacier late Thursday night or Friday morning.  By mid-afternoon it was clear that a big storm was rolling in.   I thought I could beat the storm so I grabbed my gear and headed left for Helena at about 4:30 or 5:00 in the afternoon.

As I left Browning I wondered if I should head east to I-15 rather than taking the usual route through Choteau and Augusta.  I called Matt and he checked a number of road cams along the way and said that everything looked ok.  So I headed south on Highway 89.

The trip ended up taking almost seven hours and was one of the most stressful drives I have ever had in Montana.  Ice slush was falling from the sky and it was pretty much blizzard conditions the whole way.  The wipers froze up but there was no way I could stop because the roads were so slick.  I finally had a chance around Dupuyer or Choteau to pull off the road for a bit.

At times I wondered if the Tempest Cobalt just wasn’t made for these kind of trips but the ruts in the slush that wandered from one side of the road to the other made me realize that other drivers were having the same fun.

I finally made it to Helena.  Wow my nice little cabin in East Glacier never looked so good!


Firefox Persona

The new version of Firefox has Personas, which are like skins for your web browser. I put together a Persona for the Parks Project to make your browser pretty.

Add the Parks Project Firefox Persona to your browser.


Mountain Goats – Finally!

I’ve been waiting five weeks to say this…

Today I got some great Mountain Goat shots at Goat Lick!

Goat Lick Overlook is about two and half miles east of the Walton Ranger Station on U.S. Highway 2.  It is an exposed riverbank where mountain goats and other animals come to lick the mineral laden cliffs.

Goats can often be seen from the overlook so it was one of the first places I came when I got to the Park.  I’ve now visited Goat Lick about a dozen times on this trip but have never timed it right to see goats.  I had a feeling that my luck might change today and it did.

I started shooting on the east side of the Park this morning but it started snowing right away.  It looked clearer to the west so I loaded up the gear and headed for West Glacier.

I followed the Middle Fork of the Flathead looking for animals but didn’t have any luck.  I decided to shoot some timelapse about 10 miles east of West Glacier on Highway 2.  The clouds were very interesting and provided an unusual backdrop behind the mountains looking back into the Park.

The timelapse was going well but I suddenly felt like I needed to get back over to Goat Lick.  I know it sounds crazy but Goat Lick was calling.  I packed up the gear and headed that way.

As I approached the overlook I knew my intuition had been right.  There were a couple of people pointing and staring toward the cliffs.

I set up the camera and put on the 400mm lens.  At that point the goats only filled up about one quarter of the screen.  I filmed for a while and then realized I needed to change batteries.  The goats hadn’t moved so I figured it would be a good time to make the switch.

Of course the moment I shut down the camera the goats began moving toward us.  I quickly swapped batteries and turned the camera back on.  I love the Red but the boot up time can be agonizing when shooting wildlife.  Fortunately the camera came to life and the goat stopped at the perfect place for the 400mm.

The shots turned out great.  I’ve sent Matt some frame grabs so check out the Glacier Wallpaper page in a couple of days.


Wallpaper – Saint Mary

Two awesome shots of the sun just behind on the mountains in Saint Mary. Taken on March 15, 2010. Shot in 4k with the RED.

Download all resolutions on the Glacier Wallpaper page.


Glacier’s Awesome East Side

I’ve had a couple of early mornings  and late nights but the results have been worth it.

Sunrises and sunsets in Glacier are amazing.  They are  something everyone should have the opportunity to experience.  For those of you who don’t have the chance to visit, we hope to share some of this beauty with you on the Glacier Blu-ray.

The buds on the red twig are starting to open and a variety of birds are returning to Glacier.  I’m looking forward to shooting more wildlife in the weeks to come.

I’ll process this footage and send Matt some frame grabs to post on the Glacier Wallpaper page.