Snow at Lake McDonald

I had planned on filming the sunrise this morning but Mother Nature forced me to change my plan. Some time during the night, a winter storm system had moved into the area and
with it came the snow. With no sunrise to shoot I decided to turn my focus to wildlife. I drove
to the Goat Lick area but there were no mountain goats to be found. I spent the next few hours hiking around the river looking for any mountain goat signs but no such luck.

I decided to call it a morning and headed back to West Glacier and on
the way I happened to notice a beautiful stand of young fir and spruce. It was snowing heavily by
then, almost blizzard conditions, and the combination of the trees and the
hard snowfall was beautiful.

I thought today would be a bust in terms of getting out and shooting because of the low overcast and
drizzle but the clouds cleared a bit towards late afternoon and I was able to get some nice shots of
Lake McDonald at dusk. I’ll post a wallpaper right after this post.