Back to Winter

We’ve been having some pretty severe weather up here in the Park. Lots of snow and blizzard conditions yesterday, last night and today.

When the weather settled down a bit today I decided to take a quick drive toward Two Medicine. As it turned out the road is temporarily closed at Running Eagle Falls.

It is amazing how one day it can be like summer and a couple of days later it can be winter again. Since I had just been to the falls a few days ago I decided to grab the gear and hike back in. The spring conditions from a few days ago were gone, replaced by a winter wonderland. I found a couple neat angles and spent about an hour shooting different moves and angles. It started snowing again while I was shooting which added to the beauty of the setting.

I saw some deer tracks and a variety of songbirds but that was the extent of the wildlife.

I’ll process the footage from the falls this evening and send some frame grabs to Matt to share with everyone if they turned out. If the roads aren’t too bad tomorrow I’ll head back up toward Many Glacier.