Hike to Goat Lick

Today I met with the sales manager for the Glacier Association. They handle the merchandising for the all of the Glacier Park Visitor’s Centers. It’s possible we will have the only Blu-ray in the Park this year if it is approved, which is definitely cool!

Hiked out to Goat Lick this morning but only saw a couple of mountain goats and they were too far away to shoot. The hike itself was pretty treacherous. There is still a lot of snow on the ground in the low lying areas and it hides the downed trees from past forest fires. I didn’t really want to trip on a dead tree and drop the camera, so it’s slow going. During the hike, I had still only those few goats and I kept trying to figure out why there weren’t more of them around. Finally I realized that I’m here in the Park much earlier in the season than I normally am. As the temperature warms up over the next few weeks and spring starts to appear, the animals will come out of winter hibernation. I can’t wait.