Opportunity Missed

I was driving between the Cutbank drainage and St. Mary’s. As I came around a corner I looked to my right and saw an amazing sight.

All of the trees in this part of the forest were burned a number of years ago. They have no bark and consequently are now a ghostly gray color. In one of the snags were two extremely large golden eagles, one perched a little higher than the other. Even more interesting were the surrounding trees. They were filled with ravens or crows. Behind this whole scene was a beautiful section of green, unburned forest.

The contrast of the white snow, gray skeletons of once magnificent trees, dark browns & blacks of the birds and majestic green of the unburned forest is something I will never forget.

It was an amazing sight and would have been fantastic if I could have captured it. Unfortunately as is often the case with wildlife photography, the birds flew away before I could get the camera set up. I’m disappointed that I didn’t get the shot to share with everyone but glad I had the chance to experience it.