Wallpaper – The Marmot Challenge

Filming Marmots proved to be quite the challenge to say the least.

Because of their small size I used the 400mm telephoto lens to bring them in close. However, when shooting with a telephoto your “depth of field” is shallow and the marmots were very active feeding and frolicking about. Just when I’d get one in focus, he’d scurry off, I would quickly re-focus and the little fella would dart away again.

Fortunately, every so often one of them would stay put long enough for me to get five or six seconds of usable footage before moving on. Below (and in the wallpaper section) you’ll find a fun picture of one of the more photogenic baby marmots I encountered.

Baby Marmot in Glacier National Park.

Download all resolutions on the Glacier Wallpaper page.