March, 2010


Opportunity Missed

I was driving between the Cutbank drainage and St. Mary’s. As I came around a corner I looked to my right and saw an amazing sight.

All of the trees in this part of the forest were burned a number of years ago. They have no bark and consequently are now a ghostly gray color. In one of the snags were two extremely large golden eagles, one perched a little higher than the other. Even more interesting were the surrounding trees. They were filled with ravens or crows. Behind this whole scene was a beautiful section of green, unburned forest.

The contrast of the white snow, gray skeletons of once magnificent trees, dark browns & blacks of the birds and majestic green of the unburned forest is something I will never forget.

It was an amazing sight and would have been fantastic if I could have captured it. Unfortunately as is often the case with wildlife photography, the birds flew away before I could get the camera set up. I’m disappointed that I didn’t get the shot to share with everyone but glad I had the chance to experience it.


Wallpaper – More Ice On Lake McDonald

Everyone really like the rocks and ice shot I posted yesterday, so here is another one taken earlier in the day when the ice was more solid. Taken February 20, 2010 with the RED in 4k.

Download all resolutions on the Glacier Wallpaper page.


Winter Storms in Glacier

The weather here on the east side of the Park has been “extreme” in recent days.

It started on Sunday. Incredibly strong winds gusting up to 60 miles per hour. I was up in the St. Mary’s area that morning but it was obvious I wasn’t going to get any decent footage so I headed toward the west side. I ended up only going as far as Goat Lick because the weather wasn’t improving. Along with the wind came fog then rain which turned to snow and then back to rain.

It is amazing how fast the weather changes up here. One minute it can be 50 degrees and an hour later it is in the 30’s.

Yesterday the entire town of East Glacier was without power the entire day. I’m guessing it was a result of the tremendous winds that we’ve been experiencing but I haven’t heard for sure. By nighttime the cabin was getting downright cold. Fortunately I have the propane heater with me so I fired it up and warmed up the cabin in no time.

It has pretty much been a blizzard this morning. I spent a couple of hours shooting the tundra swans but only ended up with a couple of minutes of usable footage. Hopefully things will clear up in the next day or so. In the meantime I’m taking advantage of the break to edit some of the earlier shots. More to come.


Wallpaper – Wintery Lake McDonald

The lake still was taken on February 17, 2010 and ice still was taken February 20, 2010. Both were shot with the RED in 4k.

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Be on the lookout for Mike

Spring is an absolutely marvelous time in Glacier National Park and while most of the interior roads are not yet open for vehicle traffic, some of them are available for hiking and biking.

Most of us spend the majority of our “Glacier time” in the park during the summer and fall seasons. Since one of the main goals of this project is to share the other seasons of the park with you, we thought it would be terrific to capture some footage of those familiar vantage points during this spring season. The early spring weather has resulted in some easy hiking/biking access to roads to places like Two Medicine and St. Mary’s so Mike’s been thinking about how to get back in a ways on those roads.

While we love our Red camera it isn’t light and by the time you add the tripod and assortment of lenses it is downright heavy. So…

Mike + Mountain Bike + Gear Trailer = Success

The last time Mike was in town we ran down to Target and grabbed a $89.99 bike trailer. Our thought is that if people are willing to place their children in those dangerous looking contraptions our Red camera should certainly be safe in one (of course I’ve never seen Mike on a bike so I probably shouldn’t be making those kinds of assumptions).

One would think that if you combine a great videographer like Mike with his mountain bike and a tow along trailer for the gear that we might end up with some great footage to share with all of you???

If we were one of those high-end production companies (the ones that wear button up shirts, roll in with 5-10 person production crews and black SUVs) we certainly wouldn’t be sharing these trade secrets with you. But that of course isn’t us.

We’re just a bunch of Montana guys and gals with a love for Glacier National Park and a desire to share this wonderful place with the rest of you!

So if you happen to see a crazy guy riding around the park on his mountain bike, pulling a child trailer with no children – make sure to stop him and tell him Hi!

Disclaimer: That may not be the actual trailer we bought and that definitely isn’t Mike’s bike (his is a slightly less impressive model with a little more wear and tear). It is however an authentic picture of Mike. 😉


100 Days in Glacier National Park

If you haven’t had the opportunity to review Chris Peterson’s 100 Days in Glacier National Park, you really need to take a look.

Chris is the editor of Glacier Park Magazine and spent 100 consecutive days last year in the Park.  The images he captured are absolutely stunning and something you don’t want to miss if you love Glacier.  You can read about his experiences and view the images on the Glacier Park Magazine website.

Thanks to Chris for sharing his adventure with all of us!


Wallpaper – Geese

The geese were filmed in 4k on March 25, 2010

Download all resolutions on the Glacier Wallpaper page.


Out of Gas but Not Out of Luck

Ok, I didn’t run out of gas but I came really close.

Have you ever had a car where the first 3/4 of the tank seems to last forever and then when the fuel gauge hits the 1/4 mark… bam you’re suddenly running on empty?  If so, then you’ve probably experienced my day.  😉

Fortunately, I did have good luck finding wildlife!

I had hoped to get some good sunrise shots this morning but the fog was extremely thick.  I spent quite a bit of time editing video from the past few days and then headed out in search of animals.

I stopped at Goat Lick and was able to get some more good shots of mountain goats (I’m realizing that I still need wide angle, establishing shots of the area – I’ll try to capture those next time).  While I was in the area I ran into a herd of deer and captured some nice footage of the group.

I was sure that I still had almost a quarter of a tank of gas but when I started the car, the gas gauge was below empty.  There I was… 20 miles from East Glacier, nothing but fumes. lol

I took the car out of gear every time I found a downhill stretch and with a little luck and lots of fumes made it back to East Glacier.

I finished the day with a trip to my favorite pond where I was able to get some nice shots of the geese and snow covered mountains.


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Wallpaper – Lone Coyote

Both of these were shot in 4k on March 24, 2010 in East Glacier.



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