Out of Gas but Not Out of Luck

Ok, I didn’t run out of gas but I came really close.

Have you ever had a car where the first 3/4 of the tank seems to last forever and then when the fuel gauge hits the 1/4 mark… bam you’re suddenly running on empty?  If so, then you’ve probably experienced my day.  😉

Fortunately, I did have good luck finding wildlife!

I had hoped to get some good sunrise shots this morning but the fog was extremely thick.  I spent quite a bit of time editing video from the past few days and then headed out in search of animals.

I stopped at Goat Lick and was able to get some more good shots of mountain goats (I’m realizing that I still need wide angle, establishing shots of the area – I’ll try to capture those next time).  While I was in the area I ran into a herd of deer and captured some nice footage of the group.

I was sure that I still had almost a quarter of a tank of gas but when I started the car, the gas gauge was below empty.  There I was… 20 miles from East Glacier, nothing but fumes. lol

I took the car out of gear every time I found a downhill stretch and with a little luck and lots of fumes made it back to East Glacier.

I finished the day with a trip to my favorite pond where I was able to get some nice shots of the geese and snow covered mountains.