In Search of Wildlife

I’ve been getting some great spring/winter scenic shots but I really want to increase the amount of wildlife footage we have for the project.

Over the years I have good luck capturing bear and elk shots in the Many Glacier Area so right before the Easter break I headed up that way. I saw lots of wildlife signs (bear poop on the trail and other smelly stuff) but didn’t see any animals. That was ok however because… it was Many Glacier.

I was intently focused on shooting the scenery and not paying attention to my surroundings. Suddenly I heard a rustle behind and turned to find wildlife. Not the wildlife I had been searching for but wildlife nonetheless.

Glacier Wildlife - Skunk

The skunk 😉 was about 20 feet behind me and fortunately didn’t really seem to care that I was there. My first thought was to quickly move in the opposite direction but sometimes you just have to take what you’re given.

Twice I wondered if I had made a really big mistake when the skunk turned and headed directly toward me. I don’t think I’ve ever been quite that close to a skunk.

While I don’t plan to specialize in skunk footage it was fun to get the shots and once again is a Glacier memory I won’t soon forget. 🙂