The Beginning of the Project

Our goal is simple. Over the next four months we hope to film, produce and distribute a Glacier Blu-ray DVD which will inspire and touch your hearts the way Glacier does for us.

Our vision is to use high definition footage to highlight the beauty and wonder of Glacier National Park.

If you’re looking for a traditional National Park video packed full of historic facts and figures – this probably isn’t for you. On the other hand if you love Glacier and you’ve been looking for the right subject matter to show your friends what that new flat panel tv and Blu-ray player can really do… we think you’ll like what we have in mind.

While producing an amazing Blu-ray is our end-goal, we know from experience that what happens between now and then will probably be the most interesting (and challenging) part of this adventure so we want to make sure that we share all of that with you.

As I’m writing this, Mike Dreesman (our fabulous videographer) is packing up to head to Glacier.

Over the next couple of months he’ll be keeping all of us updated via this website with frequent blog posts, video updates and hopefully a nice selection of frame grabs that should make great wallpapers for your computer.

Please check back often and let us know if you have ideas or suggestions for the Blu-ray or the website.

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