Spring Breakup

Headed up the North Fork today.   Even though there are still 3 weeks of official winter left, it’s 50 degrees here and the spring breakup is in full force and that means the road is in bad shape.  I’ve tried to find places to stop and shoot, but as soon as I slowed down, the car sank into the mud and slush.  Underneath the slush, though, is a thick layer of solid ice and once the you hit that, the car isn’t going anywhere.  Plus, I didn’t even have a shovel, so if I did get stuck I wouldn’t have been able to dig myself out.

But the show must go on.  I drove for several miles before I found a safe place to pullover.  I had an awesome view of the Livingston mountain range.  I used the RED to do an 30 second, in-camera timelapse of the morning sunrise illuminating the mountain range.  Before the sun came up the sky was overcast and kind of gloomy, but as the sun rose, the clouds thinned out.  The resulting video is beautiful.

On the way back out, I spotted maybe 60 head of elk.  They were grazing on private property on the edge of the park and I couldn’t get close enough to get a decent shot.  I plan to come back in the next few days and hopefully they will be on park land next time.

Sunrise Timelapse of Glacier Park from Tempest HD on Vimeo.