Tempest RED #672

I had mentioned earlier that the RED One camera is pretty much the coolest camera on the face of the planet.  For those of you who are not familiar with Red, I just had to take a few minutes to elaborate on what makes the camera so special.

Unlike most of the higher-end HD camcorders which utilize 2.1M pixel sensors, the RED camera uses the Mysterium Super 35mm cine sized sensor.  This allows the Red One to capture 4K (up to 30 fps), 3K (up to 60 fps) and 2K (up to 120 fps).  Our old Sony HDCAM 700a camera was an amazing piece of equipment but the 12,065,000 pixels available in the Red One result in more than 4 times the resolution of the old “high def” gear.

Why do insist on mentioning the serial number of your camera (our RED  is #672 in case I haven’t already told you that)?

When Jim Jannard (the founder of both Oakley, Inc. and RED Digital Cinema) shared his vision of the camera and the company that he planned to build, there were a lot of us that got pretty excited.  So when he gave us the opportunity to put down some money to “reserve” a RED camera we jumped at the chance (although not quite as fast as 671 other people).  As a result, RED owners have pretty strong feelings about their camera’s identity (yes, many have gone beyond the numbers and named their cameras).

If you’re not familiar with Jim, Jarred and the rest of the gang at Red Digital Cinema, you really owe it to yourself to learn more about the company.  And if you think the Red One specs are amazing you should see what they have in mind for their Epic line-up.

Ps – If you have the chance to talk to Jarred make sure you ask him about those 5 pound Hershey bars we sent his way a couple years ago.