More Glacier Centennial Information

If you’re looking for more information about the 2010 Glacier Centennial make sure you check out the Centennial page on the Park’s website. Kass Hardy, the Centennial Coordinator for Glacier National Park maintains a Centennial Blog which should be a great resource as the fun begins. Finally, you can also Visit Glacier National Park’s Official … Read more

Desktop Wallpapers

glacier park waterfall - the parks project

Since we are shooting video with the RED One in 4k, we can take grab amazing still images right from the video.  Throughout the project we will be posting images from our dailies.  I will be turning some of these into desktop wallpapers in the most common display resolutions. These first two wallpapers were from … Read more

Glacier Highland Hotel

When we first started talking about the Glacier Bluray project, I wanted to do it as “on location” as possible. That meant camping in park with just a tent, the camera, and a laptop. But we realized that it’s winter time right now and trying to do any meaningful work on a laptop when it’s … Read more

The Beginning of the Project

Our goal is simple. Over the next four months we hope to film, produce and distribute a Glacier Blu-ray DVD which will inspire and touch your hearts the way Glacier does for us. Our vision is to use high definition footage to highlight the beauty and wonder of Glacier National Park. If you’re looking for … Read more