Kalispell Hallmark by Mike

If you would like to purchase a copy of the Parks Project Glacier Blu-ray for Christmas they are now available at the Kalispell Hallmark store.

Glacier Stationers is located in the Kalispell Center Mall (20 N. Main, Ste #B6, Kalispell, MT 59901 – 406.752.2912).

Thank you Glacier Stationers for helping us to share Glacier National Park!

Glacier Stationers is located in the Kalispell Center Mall


The Glacier Blu-rays have arrived by Shawn

Our initial shipment of 2,500 Glacier Blu-ray/DVD discs has arrived.

It’s pretty exciting after the past two years and everything we’ve learned through this process to see the end product.

Getting the discs now should give us plenty of time to make sure they are available for next year’s summer season. Who knows, we may even have the chance to get them into a few retail locations before the Christmas season. If you have suggestions for distribution channels let us know.


The Check Disc is in the mail! by Shawn

Wow, it is hard to believe after all of this time that the day has finally come…

We just received an email message from Jaspreet letting us know that the Blu-ray check disc is in the mail and should be at our office. As you can probably guess that is pretty exciting news in our world!


Don’t forget the AACS by Shawn

So what is the AACS you ask? Well that of course is the Advanced Access Content System.

And yes, you do need to be a AACS licensed content provider in order to produce a commercial Blu-ray. And no it isn’t free. If you don’t want to pay the one-time fee of three thousand dollars in advance, they do offer a second option of $500/year. These costs are in addition to the per disc charge that is accessed for each copy produced. On the bright side they have made the process very quick and simple (as long as you don’t feel the need to study the 158 page contract in detail).

We received the magical email today, “…AACS Administration has received Tempest Technologies, LLC’s AACS Content Provider Agreement and payment of the relevant administrative fees, thank you. Please send (2) original sets of the signature pages to our office at the address below.” The copies have been signed and mailed so I guess we have the green light to move forward!

If you plan to produce your own Blu-ray disc and want to learn more about the AACS Licensing Administrator and the companies that founded it (IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba, The Walt Disney Company and Warner Brothers) check out their website at


Finalizing the case design by Shawn

Mr. Smith you rock! We are blessed to have one of the best graphic designers I have ever met on our staff.

Once again Bob has worked his magic to put together a fabulous design for the Glacier Blu-ray / DVD Combo pack.

We hope you like it. 🙂

Glacier Blu-ray/DVD Case Design


Wallpaper – Cactus in Zion by Mike

Cactus in Zion National Park - The Parks Project


Acutrack On Demand Solutions by Shawn

Just wanted to keep everyone up to speed on our progress as we move forward.

The Blu-ray industry has definitely matured in the past couple of years which is terrific in terms of our project. Over the past couple of months we’ve had the chance to visit with a number of Blu-ray replicators and there are some great options out there. After a great deal of consideration we’ve decided to move forward with our friends at Acutrack.

We originally contacted them along with a number of other vendors about 16 months ago when we were cooking up this crazy idea. They provided us with some great information at the time and Jaspreet Kaur (our assigned account manager) has been fabulous about checking in with us every couple of months to check on the status of the project. They seem to have a great team of people and we’re looking forward to working with them in the months to come.


Wallpaper – Zion National Park by Mike

Zion National Park


On to Zion National Park by Shawn

As we work to wrap up the Glacier Blu-ray, Mike is heading to Zion National Park to grab some footage of this beautiful area. He has promised to share images and video of Zion once he’s down there so we’ll be sure to pass those along to you as well.


Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack by Shawn

As you all know, our goal from day one with this project has been to create a one of kind Blu-ray disc featuring the sites and sounds of Glacier National Park. Tempest was one of the very first companies in Montana to start shooting in high definition many years ago. To top that off all of our recent Glacier footage has been filmed in 4K using our Red One #672 (pretty much the most amazing camera on the face of the planet with over 5 times the resolution of HD video… no we’re not biased or anything).

Now that we’re finally ready to move forward with the authoring and production however, we’re realizing that there are still a lot of people out there that don’t have access to a high-def television or Blu-ray player. With that in mind we’ve decided to complicate the project just a little bit more and produce both a standard DVD and a Blu-ray disc (a combo pack). This will undoubtedly slow down the process a bit since we will need to author two different projects but we think it will be worth the effort to give a lot more people the chance to experience the Glacier that we know and love (and what the heck we’re behind schedule by 12 months already so what’s another few months 😉 ).

We still haven’t decided if we’re going to tackle the authoring in-house or find a partner to handle that work but we’ll definitely keep you informed as we move forward!

Glacier Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack