Wallpaper – Mt. Gould

Mt. Gould - Glacier National Park

As we pause to review all of the footage we now have in the can we want to continue sharing Glacier National Park with you. We hope you’ll enjoy this terrific shot of Mt. Gould that Mike captured this summer. Ps- We’ll continue to share additional images in the months to come. Download all resolutions … Read more

Wallpaper – Grinnell Point

Dramatic lighting of Grinnell Point in Glacier National Park

When it comes to capturing dramatic images, the quality of light can make all the difference. On this particular morning the sky was overcast and the lighting flat and my chances of getting a good shot were looking grim. Just as I was about to tear down the gear, the clouds to the east opened … Read more

Wallpaper – The Marmot Challenge

Baby Marmot in Glacier National Park.

Filming Marmots proved to be quite the challenge to say the least. Because of their small size I used the 400mm telephoto lens to bring them in close. However, when shooting with a telephoto your “depth of field” is shallow and the marmots were very active feeding and frolicking about. Just when I’d get one … Read more

Back to Winter

We’ve been having some pretty severe weather up here in the Park. Lots of snow and blizzard conditions yesterday, last night and today. When the weather settled down a bit today I decided to take a quick drive toward Two Medicine. As it turned out the road is temporarily closed at Running Eagle Falls. It … Read more