Avalanche at Two Medicine

It’s great to be back in Glacier Park. We made great progress last week while I was in Helena on the Blu-ray cover. We also had the opportunity to finalize some plans with Mark Walker, an outstanding Montana musician who has agreed to provide some of the music for the DVD. Thanks Mark! Yesterday I … Read more

Heading Back to Helena

I’m heading back to Helena to meet with the rest of the gang. We’re hoping to make some decisions on the cover for the Blu-ray and to set the direction for the music. We also need to start making arrangements for replication and discuss how we are going to distribute the Blu-rays. My plan is … Read more

In Search of Wildlife

Glacier Wildlife - Skunk

I’ve been getting some great spring/winter scenic shots but I really want to increase the amount of wildlife footage we have for the project. Over the years I have good luck capturing bear and elk shots in the Many Glacier Area so right before the Easter break I headed up that way. I saw lots … Read more

Opportunity Missed

I was driving between the Cutbank drainage and St. Mary’s. As I came around a corner I looked to my right and saw an amazing sight. All of the trees in this part of the forest were burned a number of years ago. They have no bark and consequently are now a ghostly gray color. … Read more

Winter Storms in Glacier

The weather here on the east side of the Park has been “extreme” in recent days. It started on Sunday. Incredibly strong winds gusting up to 60 miles per hour. I was up in the St. Mary’s area that morning but it was obvious I wasn’t going to get any decent footage so I headed … Read more

Out of Gas but Not Out of Luck

Ok, I didn’t run out of gas but I came really close. Have you ever had a car where the first 3/4 of the tank seems to last forever and then when the fuel gauge hits the 1/4 mark… bam you’re suddenly running on empty?  If so, then you’ve probably experienced my day.  😉 Fortunately, … Read more

Well Hello Mr. Coyote

Holy smokes it is gorgeous up here.  It doesn’t matter how much time I spend in Glacier – I continue to be amazed by the beauty of this place. I got up really early and headed back to the pond that I visited last night.  My hope was to capture some early morning shots of … Read more

Back to Glacier

I headed back up to Glacier this afternoon.  My drive back was uneventful… perfect! The roads were bare and dry – hard to believe it was the same route I took a few short days ago. There is an interesting pond close to the cabin here in East Glacier.  It wasn’t dark yet when I … Read more

Time with the Family

We had a great day. I was able to catch up on some paperwork and we had a terrific lunch at Bert & Ernies restaurant. Bob has been working on the Blu-ray cover design and it is looking very nice.  We hope to get that finalized soon.  Once we do that we will post a … Read more

Montana Winter Driving

It was supposed to be a routine trip back to Helena but it turned out to be a “white knuckler” all the way. We decided to have lunch with the Tempest team on Friday to go over the current status of the Glacier Blu-ray project.  I planned to leave East Glacier late Thursday night or … Read more