Glacier Park


More Signs of Spring in Glacier

Here in Glacier things are changing on a daily basis as more and more signs of spring appear. It is absolutely amazing and I’m thrilled to be able to see and share it with all of you.

The trees and shrubs are budding, the grass is greening up and there are signs of spring everywhere!

A couple of days ago I saw the first flowers of the season (the first I’ve seen that is). The pasque flowers were nestled among some rocks amongst some other greening vegetation. Their bright purple color in contrast to the color of the rocks and soil seemed to announce that… Spring has most definitely arrived in Glacier National Park!

Pasque Flower in Glacier National Park

Ps- If we have any “Pasque Flower Fans” out there who would like to have this image in wallpaper size just let Matt know and he’ll put one out there. ūüôā


Wallpaper – Moose, Whitetail Deer and a Mountain Bluebird

Mike got so many great wildlife shots yesterday that I ended up making 3 new wallpapers. Tomorrow I will post some fantastic shots of a herd of Elk, which were also shot on the 22nd.


Whitetail Deer

Mountain Bluebird

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Wallpaper – Comma Butterfly and Mount Grinnell

First up we have a Comma Butterfly on April 20, 2010.

Second is Mount Grinnell Mount Gould also on April 20, 2010.

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Avalanche at Two Medicine

It’s great to be back in Glacier Park. We made great progress last week while I was in Helena on the Blu-ray cover. We also had the opportunity to finalize some plans with Mark Walker, an outstanding Montana musician who has agreed to provide some of the music for the DVD. Thanks Mark!

Yesterday I headed back in toward Two Medicine in order to get some shots of Running Eagle Falls and the Two Medicine Valley. The lighting wasn’t right for the falls but I did grab some great footage of the Comma Butterflies that have suddenly started appearing.

At Two Medicine I visited with a wonderful lady who was heading out to go hiking and cross country skiing near Upper Two Medicine. We had a chance to see a couple of amazing avalanches on the north side of the lake. Of course by the time I got the Red camera fired up I was only able to catch the last few seconds. It was pretty darned dramatic when it was happening. The avalanche made a thunderous sound as the snow moved down the mountain which reminded me of the sound that glaciers in Alaska make when they are calving.

Later that day (after a couple quick sandwiches back in East Glacier) I headed toward Many Glacier. I met a gentleman named Mike who works seasonally for the Park. He had spent some time during the previous couple of days in Many. Mike indicated that he had seen a number of moose in Many Glacier and then someone had reported seeing a cinnamon colored bear a few days ago.

It is great to start catching glimpses of wildlife throughout the Park. Hopefully I’ll be able to capture some shots of Glacier wildlife to share with everyone in the next few days.


Wallpaper – Mount Saint Nicholas

Mount Saint Nicholas on February 23, 2010.

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Wallpaper – Snyder Creek

The Creek. At least that’s what I call it. I can’t remember exactly where this was, but I’m confident it was in Glacier. Shot Summer 2009 with the RED in 4k.

Update: Thanks to Tara and David for identifying this as Snyder Creek near Lake McDonald Lodge.

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Wallpaper – Sandhill Crane

Sandhill Crane in East Glacier. Shot on April 10, 2010 with the RED in 4k.

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Heading Back to Helena

I’m heading back to Helena to meet with the rest of the gang. We’re hoping to make some decisions on the cover for the Blu-ray and to set the direction for the music. We also need to start making arrangements for replication and discuss how we are going to distribute the Blu-rays.

My plan is to spend about a week at the mother ship and then I will be heading back to Glacier for the final month of shooting and editing.

Hopefully in the next few days I can pull some more wallpapers and video clips from the recent stuff to share with everyone.



Wallpaper – Many Glacier

Many Glacier on April 1, 2010 with the RED in 4k.

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The Glacier Institute invites you to join special Centennial Series courses

In celebration of Glacier National Park’s one hundred year anniversary the Glacier Institute is pleased to present a special Centennial Series of outdoor educational adventures in and around Glacier National Park.

One Hundred Years of:Greg Thigpen photo

Bears in Many Glacier  June 4-6

Natural & Cultural History of the Many Glacier Valley  June 14-15

Riding the Rails  June 30, July 7 and August 11

Traversing the International Peace Park  July 14-16

Astronomy & Night Sky Awareness  August 6 & 13

Astrophotography of Glacier’s Night Sky¬† August 7 & 14

Glacial Change at Sperry Chalet  August 27-29

Goats in Glacier  September 2

Join the Glacier Institute for these once in a life-time educational experiences while visiting Glacier National Park this summer.¬† Your support of these and other programs benefit the Glacier Institute’s educational mission.¬† For complete information on these or any other Glacier Institute programs please contact the office 406-755-1211 or visit the website at

You can find us on Facebook too at The Glacier Institute.  We hope to see you this summer on the trails for Learning Gone Wild!