Mountain Goats – Finally!

I’ve been waiting five weeks to say this… Today I got some great Mountain Goat shots at Goat Lick! Goat Lick Overlook is about two and half miles east of the Walton Ranger Station on U.S. Highway 2.  It is an exposed riverbank where mountain goats and other animals come to lick the mineral laden … Read more

Glacier’s Awesome East Side

I’ve had a couple of early mornings  and late nights but the results have been worth it. Sunrises and sunsets in Glacier are amazing.  They are  something everyone should have the opportunity to experience.  For those of you who don’t have the chance to visit, we hope to share some of this beauty with you … Read more

My New Home

Well it wasn’t fun but I survived the move and I’m feeling better today. My new home is a cabin in East Glacier.  It is located on the road to Two Medicine not far past the golf course. Special thanks to Colleen and Mark for letting us rent this great little cabin.  They also have … Read more

Moving Day

It’s hard to believe I’ve already been in the Park for a month. Today is my scheduled moving day and wouldn’t you know I seem to have come down with the flu. It is never fun to get sick on the road but it is even worse when you have a room full of gear … Read more

Hike to Goat Lick

Today I met with the sales manager for the Glacier Association. They handle the merchandising for the all of the Glacier Park Visitor’s Centers. It’s possible we will have the only Blu-ray in the Park this year if it is approved, which is definitely cool! Hiked out to Goat Lick this morning but only saw … Read more

Spring Breakup

Headed up the North Fork today.   Even though there are still 3 weeks of official winter left, it’s 50 degrees here and the spring breakup is in full force and that means the road is in bad shape.  I’ve tried to find places to stop and shoot, but as soon as I slowed down, the … Read more

Snow at Lake McDonald

I had planned on filming the sunrise this morning but Mother Nature forced me to change my plan. Some time during the night, a winter storm system had moved into the area and with it came the snow. With no sunrise to shoot I decided to turn my focus to wildlife. I drove to the … Read more

Sunrise timelapse

What a morning. I got up early to catch the sunrise. I shot my second in-camera timelapse of a mountain peak I had noticed a couple days back. I was trying to catch the sunrise so I had to set up while it was still dark. I ended up driving 5 miles past the turnoff … Read more

Glacier Highland Hotel

When we first started talking about the Glacier Bluray project, I wanted to do it as “on location” as possible. That meant camping in park with just a tent, the camera, and a laptop. But we realized that it’s winter time right now and trying to do any meaningful work on a laptop when it’s … Read more