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Wallpaper – Mt. Gould

As we pause to review all of the footage we now have in the can we want to continue sharing Glacier National Park with you. We hope you’ll enjoy this terrific shot of Mt. Gould that Mike captured this summer.

Ps- We’ll continue to share additional images in the months to come.

Mt. Gould - Glacier National Park

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Wallpaper – Bighorn Sheep at Logan Pass

If you have a chance to visit Glacier National Park you won’t want to miss a stop at Logan Pass. Yellow glacier lilies push through the snow as temperatures warm and these are quickly replaced by fields of wildflowers.

The Hidden Lake trail is one of our family’s favorite hikes in the park. Beautiful scenery, gorgeous wildflowers, the chance to hike on snow in the middle of the summer and abundant wildlife are all great reasons to visit Logan Pass.

Below, please find a terrific shot of a bighorn sheep at Logan Pass that Mike took this summer.

Bighorn Sheep at Logan Pass

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Wallpaper – Grinnell Point

When it comes to capturing dramatic images, the quality of light can make all the difference. On this particular morning the sky was overcast and the lighting flat and my chances of getting a good shot were looking grim.

Just as I was about to tear down the gear, the clouds to the east opened up just enough to let the suns rays shine through on to Grinnell Point and I was able to capture some really dramatic footage. It’s definitely a matter of being in the right spot at the right time in this business.

Dramatic lighting of Grinnell Point in Glacier National Park

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Wallpaper – The Marmot Challenge

Filming Marmots proved to be quite the challenge to say the least.

Because of their small size I used the 400mm telephoto lens to bring them in close. However, when shooting with a telephoto your “depth of field” is shallow and the marmots were very active feeding and frolicking about. Just when I’d get one in focus, he’d scurry off, I would quickly re-focus and the little fella would dart away again.

Fortunately, every so often one of them would stay put long enough for me to get five or six seconds of usable footage before moving on. Below (and in the wallpaper section) you’ll find a fun picture of one of the more photogenic baby marmots I encountered.

Baby Marmot in Glacier National Park.

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Wallpaper – Sandhill Crane

I spotted this Sandhill Crane a couple weeks back just outside of East Glacier on my drive back from filming in the Two Medicine area. Usually at this spot along the road I look to the west across a pond and up at the magnificent mountains that come in to view, but fortunately on this particular occasion I looked to the east and lo and behold there he (or she) was!

Tech notes: Shot at dusk with a RED ONE 4K Digital Cinema Camera and a Canon EF 400mm f/5.6L lens. Frame rate: 30fps, Shutter speed: 1/60, Aperture: f/5.6

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Wallpaper – Grizzly Bear

As we were going through footage from past years, we came across this Grizzly Bear. This was taken on the shore of Lake Sherburne sometime in Summer 2008.

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Wallpaper – Running Eagle Falls in the Snow

If you’ll remember back a whole three days ago, I shot footage of Running Eagle Falls on a nice spring day. Now it’s covered in snow. This was taken yesterday, April 29th, 2010.

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Back to Winter

We’ve been having some pretty severe weather up here in the Park. Lots of snow and blizzard conditions yesterday, last night and today.

When the weather settled down a bit today I decided to take a quick drive toward Two Medicine. As it turned out the road is temporarily closed at Running Eagle Falls.

It is amazing how one day it can be like summer and a couple of days later it can be winter again. Since I had just been to the falls a few days ago I decided to grab the gear and hike back in. The spring conditions from a few days ago were gone, replaced by a winter wonderland. I found a couple neat angles and spent about an hour shooting different moves and angles. It started snowing again while I was shooting which added to the beauty of the setting.

I saw some deer tracks and a variety of songbirds but that was the extent of the wildlife.

I’ll process the footage from the falls this evening and send some frame grabs to Matt to share with everyone if they turned out. If the roads aren’t too bad tomorrow I’ll head back up toward Many Glacier.


Wallpaper – Two Medicine

Two Medicine on April 22, 2010. Shot in 4k with the RED One.

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Wallpaper – Running Eagle Falls

This one is hot off the presses. Running Eagle Falls from this morning, April 26th.

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