More Signs of Spring in Glacier

Pasque Flower in Glacier National Park

Here in Glacier things are changing on a daily basis as more and more signs of spring appear. It is absolutely amazing and I’m thrilled to be able to see and share it with all of you. The trees and shrubs are budding, the grass is greening up and there are signs of spring everywhere! … Read more

Avalanche at Two Medicine

It’s great to be back in Glacier Park. We made great progress last week while I was in Helena on the Blu-ray cover. We also had the opportunity to finalize some plans with Mark Walker, an outstanding Montana musician who has agreed to provide some of the music for the DVD. Thanks Mark! Yesterday I … Read more

Welcome to the New Website!

As you can see, we have redesigned The Parks Project website. It now matches the theme and branding of the Glacier Blu-ray cover art. And speaking of cover art, here is the tentative case design. There will probably be a few more things added to it, but this is what the Blu-ray will look like … Read more

Wallpaper – Snyder Creek

The Creek. At least that’s what I call it. I can’t remember exactly where this was, but I’m confident it was in Glacier. Shot Summer 2009 with the RED in 4k. Update: Thanks to Tara and David for identifying this as Snyder Creek near Lake McDonald Lodge. Download all resolutions on the page.